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Utilities aren’t capitalizing on an estimated 20 million touchpoints with their customers each year to face today’s challenges and future proof their business.

*Estimate for a 1 million meter utility

Connected System Solutions

Uplight’s Connected System Solutions provide a simple, friction-free customer experience, empower your program teams to create better outcomes, and connect data and insights across internal and external systems by linking together Uplight’s Solutions. Utilities can integrate once and use many, resulting in the enhancement of existing solutions and consistent customer journeys. Uplight’s Connected System Solutions reinforce existing capabilities with powerful business intelligence tools and leverage Uplight’s insights and data via APIs to create your own new products and services.

Connected System Solutions

Uplight, with their focus on the customer and comprehensive solution set—from behavioral energy efficiency and dynamic rates enrollment to an e-commerce marketplace and automated device control—provides the full package required to help us achieve the goals in our strategic plan.”

Patti Poppe ~ President and CEO of Consumers Energy
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What We Deliver

Provide a Simple, Friction-Free Customer Experience

Provide customers with a consistent experience across programs, offers, and channels by linking together Uplight’s Solutions, Best-in-class customer journeys are enabled through engagement, product purchases, and device control.

Enhance Your Customer Experience Solutions

Leverage powerful business intelligence tools to enhance existing solutions with analytics and other product features. Drive greater customer satisfaction, energy savings, earnings, and more.

Ability to Create New Products and Services

Build on top of Uplight's Insights and Analytics, and leverage 300+ data points on true home physics models and more. Uplight’s APIs put our insights and data in the hands of your developers and data scientists to drive custom projects and outcomes.

$6 to $10 million+ in cost savings compared to building and stitching together a patchwork of point solutions or adapting legacy systems.

24 billion+ data points from hundreds of customer attributes powering personalized insights.

71% increase in earnings from cost savings and other benefits compared to disconnected strategies.

General questions about Connected System Solutions?

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