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Personalization Pays Off

In July 2020, Uplight surveyed a nationally representative sample of 1,000 energy customers to find out about what they thought about their utility experience, personalization, and saving energy. Here’s what they said:

58% of customers want a personalized digital customer experience.

Personalization is still top of mind. Energy customers expect an even more personalized, relevant energy customer experience.

45% know about rebates and incentives, but haven’t used them.

While many customers are aware of ways to save energy, they haven’t acted—indicating there are barriers to remove in the customer journey.

39% don’t trust their utility as a resource for saving energy.

And customers aren’t looking to their utility first when it comes to saving energy, creating a big opportunity for utilities.

Customers who receive highly personalized communications have a 28% higher utility satisfaction.

Personalization pays off. It is linked to higher customer satisfaction, engagement, and energy savings actions.

15% of customers have postponed paying a utility bill while 23% have made an energy-related purchase to make their home more comfortable.

COVID-19 has impacted everyone, but in dramatically different ways, which is another reason to look to personalization.

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