Uplight Acquires Agentis, Expands Utility Engagement for Critical Business Customers

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Achieving Trusted Advisor Status with Increased Account Manager Productivity

By Lindsey Meehan on

This post was originally published on FirstFuel’s website. FirstFuel is now Uplight.

Today, business customers look to their utility for more than just a monthly bill. They expect an energy partner to help them make informed energy management decisions. This creates a challenging job for utility Account Managers tasked with building relationships and driving program participation among this diverse customer segment.

Most have already tackled engagement with the low-hanging fruit, the largest 10% of business customers, by delivering one-to-one account management and energy advice. While effective, this approach is resource intensive, requiring significant investments in both staff and budgets. Extending one-to-one outreach to all business customers isn’t realistic – there aren’t enough hours in the day.

As a result, utilities are left with a large, often untouched group of small and medium business customers who have massive untapped potential. To reach this critical customer segment, many utilities are exploring new, innovative account management strategies.

FirstFuel’s customer intelligence platform turns existing utility meter data into valuable, personalized customer insights that our clients use to:

Improve team productivity
Cutting-edge analytics match the right customer with the right opportunity at the right time, reducing account manager research and preparation time.
“This platform allows individuals to access aggregated customer data within a few clicks instead of days or weeks.”
– Account Manager, western municipal utility

Streamline customer qualification
Personalized recommendations ensure teams focus only on relevant opportunities, accelerating sales cycles.
“[Customer intelligence has] definitely helped me get contractors in the door. It’s better than cold calling and knocking on doors.
– Account Representative, western investor owned utility

Drive program, product, and service adoption
Segmentation tools enable account teams to focus on the highest value customers with the greatest propensity to act.
“We’re on track to improve our conversion rate.”
– Account Manager, western municipal utility

Build trusted advisor status
Customer-specific energy intelligence prepares teams to deliver tailored, high-value customer interactions.
“We have more information and credibility now – a lot of these customers we haven’t engaged in a long time.”
– Mid-Market Supervisor, western investor owned utility

Armed with customer intelligence and insights, our client’s account management teams are accelerating sales cycles and increasing conversion. And they’re earning trusted advisor status by engaging business customers with the personalized advice and valuable offers they need from their energy provider.


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