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20% of customers opt out from events in traditional residential demand response programs because of a poor customer experience.

“Cutting Peak Demand: Two Competing Paths and Their Effectiveness,” Navigant, 2017.

Demand Management

The need for demand management is set to double over the next five years and the pressure is mounting for utilities to increase the efficiency of these programs. To scale, utilities need to build a long-term relationship with customers that evolves with utility needs and customer expectations. Through Uplight’s tailored end-to-end approach to program design, utilities can achieve their acquisition targets quickly and deliver the highest per household load shift—all with a superior customer experience.

Demand Management

In a single week Consumers Energy was able to reach its 2019 program recruitment target. In response to grid strain from heat waves during the summer, Consumers Energy achieved over 74% load shift during events without snapback, relying on residential demand response.

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What We Deliver

Eliminate Friction and Acquire Customers

Through Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Marketplace, Uplight targets customers with a higher propensity to enroll—leveraging both native device apps and utility marketplaces. Behind the scenes, Uplight’s tools enable seamless rebate stacking, processing, customer eligibility validation and contractor management for direct install programs.

Stack Demand Management Opportunities

To create greater value today and in the future, Uplight uniquely enables utilities to combine drivers within a single program to increase both cost efficiency and unlocked value. Uplight’s demand response management system helps program managers optimize resource monitoring, event forecasting, dispatch and performance reporting.

Engage Customers Through Personalization

Poor customer experience is the Achilles heel of traditional direct load control programs, resulting in customer churn and event opt-outs. Uplight applies advanced behavioral science to engage customers through personalized content and Uplight’s individualized device optimization—motivating them to take more positive actions.

Less than 2% event opt outs, compared to 20% industry norm for BYOD programs.

Over 1,500 customers signed up for a demand response program in a single day through Uplight’s Marketplace integration, program marketing, instant rebates and frictionless enrollment.

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