Demand Management

Achieve your acquisition targets quickly and deliver the highest per household load shift—all without sacrificing customer comfort.

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In a single week Consumers Energy was able to reach its 2019 program recruitment target, achieving over 74% load shift without snapback.

PLMA Program Pacesetter

PLMA Program Pacesetter

Uplight and Indiana Michigan Power win PLMA Program Pacesetter award


What We Deliver

Drive demand response program success through end-to-end program design.

Avoid Churn

Seamless acquisition

Through Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Marketplace, Uplight targets customers with a higher propensity to enroll.

Uplight leverages both native device apps and utility marketplaces. Pre-enrollment on our Marketplace is 80%—4X more than a standalone DR program.
Avoid Churn

Avoid customer churn

Reduce snapback while maintaining customer comfort. Uplight has less than 2% event opt outs, compared to 20% industry norm for BYOD programs.


Stacking opportunities

Uplight uniquely enables utilities to combine drivers within a single program to increase both cost efficiency and unlocked value—helping program managers optimize resource monitoring, event forecasting, dispatch and performance reporting.


Personalize the experience

Engage customers through personalized content and individualized device optimization—motivating them to take more positive actions.

The critical role of customers in grid management

By 2028 62 GW of DR is going to be required in North America, with the residential sector set to triple in size, making the role of customers in managing supply and demand in the grid more critical than ever before.


Deliver greater value to customers

Reduce thermostat daily run-time by up to 11% with Uplight’s enhanced energy efficiency and rate optimization capabilities.

Case Studies

90K hours of cooling runtime saved with demand response

In 2019, Indiana Michigan Power saved more than 263 MWh in less than 4 months using Uplight’s connected smart thermostat demand response program.

91% eligible demand response participation with pre-enrollment

Consumers Energy partnered with Google and Uplight to provide free Google Nest smart thermostats to up to 100,000 households alongside demand response (DR) pre-enrollment, helping Michigan residents power through the COVID-19 pandemic by saving energy and money.

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