Coming Soon: Uplight + Autogrid to Unlock the Full Potential of Customer-centric Flexible Capacity

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As we continue to lead in our mission to accelerate the clean energy ecosystem, we’re excited to share that Uplight has signed an agreement to acquire AutoGrid. This acquisition will fundamentally expand our partners, programs, and ability to create and manage load flexibility for utilities, ecosystem partners, and grid operators around the globe.

It’s the biggest development for Uplight since it was founded. 

Decarbonization and electrification are rapidly changing the nature and needs of the energy ecosystem, and reliable load flexibility has become essential to managing the grid.  We’re hearing this loud and clear from our utility clients and ecosystem partners, and see an opportunity to deliver more value for you and your programs. 

AutoGrid is a great fit for Uplight. As a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) and Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS) provider, AutoGrid is a leader in the industry. For over a decade, the world’s leading energy companies have relied on their transformative software solutions to unlock the full potential of distributed energy resources (DERs) to advance a smarter, cleaner, more flexible grid. 

It’s a win for our utility clients, for clean energy ecosystem players, for energy customers, and for the planet. These added capabilities will make utility programs more effective while also adding more entry points and destinations to the connected customer journey. Customer engagements are deepened through digital and human insights, enrollments are made seamless through our leading online marketplaces, and load flexibility offerings are more expansive and customizable through orchestration of a diverse set of DER device types and classes. Together, we’ll not only bring additional value to customers who enroll grid-connected devices, but broaden the ecosystem of participating devices, and provide an end-to-end solution to expand, manage, integrate, orchestrate, and monetize DERs. 

We’re particularly excited about how this acquisition will enable us to better serve our utility partners by delivering: 

  • More program impact, powered by energy customers: making utility programs more effective by increasing the positive impact energy customers of all types collectively have on making the grid more resilient, reliable, and affordable. 
  • More grid-connected devices in programs: expanding the number and types of DERs enrolled into load flexibility programs and markets and bringing additional grid-connected device types and classes from EVs to HVAC to grid-scale storage and beyond. 
  • More program options to choose from: connecting customers and assets to a comprehensive set of flexibility solutions including turnkey VPPs, multi-DER orchestration, DERMs, energy storage management, microgrid management, fleet management, energy market access, and more.

This news represents a significant acceleration in the industry’s ability to count on DERs for the grid of tomorrow–creating a larger network of connected customers and devices to call upon when needed to shape a decarbonized, resilient, and sustainable grid. It’s another example of how we can use business as a force for good by accelerating the clean energy transition.

Read today’s press release here

The agreement is subject to regulatory approval.

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