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Demand Response Pre-enrollment: A Seamless Solution for Grid Flexibility

By Crystal Leaver on

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Many utilities have looked to demand response (DR) programs to decrease energy usage during times of peak demand to maximize the resources they have available instead of building new power plants. But DR programs can be difficult to recruit customers for. And once customers do sign up, they often have to wait months for their rebates and incentives. Added to this, 20% of customers typically leave each year due to poor communication and customer experiences.

Demand Response Pre-enrollment, or DRPE, enables utilities to reduce friction in the enrollment process. When a customer purchases a smart thermostat through their utility’s Marketplace, they also have an option to sign up for a DR program–often with a higher rebate or other incentive. 

By offering on-the-spot DR program enrollment, utilities can see a 4-5X increase in conversion rates. And customers receive a device already set-up for use in the program, eliminating other barriers to participation. 

Learn more about Uplight’s DRPE, what other devices can be included in a DRPE campaign, and how utilities like Consumers Energy have helped their customers save energy and money through DRPE in our eBook. 

Also, hear from Shannon Morrow from Consumers Energy and Don McPhail from Uplight in Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative’s on-demand webinar.


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