How did Thomas Edison Influence Modern Corporate Innovation?

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Question: What do Edison’s ‘Invention Factory’ and Exelon’s drones have in common? 

Answer: Right here!

In Episode 2 of Uplight’s podcast ILLUMINATORS, hosts Devren Hobbs and Brad Langley talk innovation with Leonard DeGraaf, author of “Edison and the Rise of Innovation,” and Christina Wallace, author of “New to Big.”

What made Thomas Edison the father of modern innovation? How is Exelon beating start-ups at their own game? More importantly, how is this relevant for utilities and businesses today?

“It’s not just that Edison created 1,093 U.S. patents and invented all of these remarkable things….” remarks Leonard DeGraaf. “It’s that he set the pattern for how the modern corporation in the 20th century continued to innovate and continues to innovate to this day.”

ILLUMINATORS tells stories of change in other industries and how they can be applied to energy companies. Listen or subscribe today! 

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