Introducing Ronnie Thomson, Uplight’s New CTO

By Crystal Leaver on

Ronnie Thomson

We are thrilled to have Ronnie Thomson join Uplight as our new Chief Technology Officer. With a wealth of experience in sectors such as healthcare, human resources, contact center technology, and more, Ronnie is also a certified Scot–creating a friendly rivalry with Adrian Tuck, Uplight’s British CEO. Learn more about Ronnie, why he’s excited to join Uplight, and what he’s been up to since he started.

Why are you excited to join Uplight?

The thing that appealed to me was the mission of the company and how we can do our part to help the economy transition to a more sustainable approach on how energy is generated, used, and consumed.

This appears to be your first foray into clean energy. Why now for joining this industry?

We are grappling with what are obviously the effects of climate change around the world such as more intense fires in the summer, coastal floating, and other weather extremes. Working at Uplight, I can do my part to help change the situation and fight climate change. 

What unique perspective do you envision bringing to Uplight.

I have experience in a number of different industries  with mission-critical strategies like healthcare, for example. I understand how to build a robust strategy and process that ensures the products meet the needs of both our mission and the mission of our customers–ensuring our clients can rely on us as a trusted partner.

What’s first on your to-do list at Uplight?

I’m trying to meet people and understand the challenges they currently have. Engineering is a full contact sport. I’ve been doing things on video I normally would have done in-person like brainstorming on whiteboards. 

I’m getting a deep understanding of the products and formulating a plan to make Uplight even more effective and efficient from a technical and product perspective.

Have you taken up any new hobbies during the COVID-19 pandemic? 

I have triplet teenagers who are high school seniors, so I’ve been helping them to the finish line of graduation and helping them make their college decisions. 

What is your favorite place to travel (and hopefully will go back after the COVID-19 pandemic is over)

I grew up in Edinburgh. My favorite place I’ve visited is New Zealand, where I also have family. It’s beautiful there and it also has a strong Scottish connection. It’s like Britain with sunshine. 

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