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Introducing Customer2030

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Utility leaders are charting their way towards the Utility of the Future, working through common challenges of increasing customer expectations, an aging grid, declining load growth, climate change, and a proliferation of distributed energy resources. At the center of it all, how consumers use energy, and the experience they have grown to expect from their utility are both undergoing rapid transformation. 

Customer2030—Uplight’s first conference—is designed to incite discussion around how utilities can address the emerging needs of their customers and how to develop truly customer-centric solutions that drive action. 

Beyond the critical need to innovate faster than ever before, utilities are facing the impending threat of climate change and its dire effects. 2030 is a critical year in climate science. If greenhouse gas emissions continue at the rates that they are today, the globe will reach the 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit increase threshold by 2030, at which the most extreme effects of climate change will no longer be avoidable.

The good news is that by changing their relationships with their customers, utilities can stop these global trends and continue to grow as an energy provider. Customers are at the center of the change the energy industry is facing–both today and for decades to come.

At Customer2030, interactive workshops will bring together content experts across the industry to discuss topics including Transportation Electrification, Emerging Rate Designs and Rollout, and Grid Optimization. Within workshop sessions, attendees will have the chance to learn methods of customer-centric design thinking and apply new tools to a product design process.  

We’re excited to bring together some of the most innovative utility leaders in the country together for Customer2030 to move the energy industry forward–together. Some of these speakers include:

  • Brian Rich: SVP, Customer Experience and CIO, Consumers Energy
  • Blake Morgan: Customer Experience Futurist and Author
  • Ryan Brass: Product Manager, SMUD
  • Jeff DeGraff: Dean of Innovation 
  • Jackie Poriadijan-Asch: CMO and Chief Revenue Officer ecoBee

Interested in attending? Reach out to or your point person at Uplight to chat about joining us in beautiful downtown Denver on October 22-24.


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