Marketplace Reverb – Energy News Roundup

By Yoav Lurie on

This post was originally published on Simple Energy’s website. Simple Energy is now Uplight.

The excitement continues since the launch of Simple Energy Marketplace, our new e-commerce platform, opened last week, which connects utilities and consumers by offering energy-saving household products and services with instant rebates. Our goal – to empower customers to make energy-wise decisions.

At a week out from launch, we sat down and evaluated all of the buzz Marketplace has created. We launched the product to create a connection between utility companies and their customers, and we were eager to get both sides on board with the announcement — it’s essential in our efforts to reshape the energy industry.

Here’s what the press has had to say about Marketplace, which is currently accessible to over 2.5 million households throughout our home state of Colorado, as well as, California.


Beyond simply adding new revenue streams, a marketplace like this helps to change the paradigm for utilities. It moves them on from simply selling raw resource and turns them into a central energy resource – advice, supply and products, all from one vendor. – Ben Kepes


In other words, it’s an opportunity for disruption. – Barry Levine

Greentech Media:

Utilities are struggling to keep customers in this new landscape, making this kind of customer marketplace a launching pad for new products and services. -Jeff St. John

The launch of Marketplace is only the beginning. We must continue working with utilities and their customers to join forces in the shared quest to save energy. In the coming weeks, months, and years, we’ll be doing just that.

We’re not looking to start an energy revolution. We want to spark an evolution. And we hope Marketplace is the first step in the process.

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