Simple Energy’s Integrated Solutions Approach is at the Forefront of the Changing Energy Landscape

By Shannon Oleynik on

This post was originally published on Simple Energy’s website. Simple Energy is now Uplight.

AEG cites Simple Energy’s integrated solutions as an example of an approach that can drive persisting energy savings – the metric most likely to prove relevant as the energy efficiency industry evolves.


“With many jurisdictions setting zero emissions goals by 2050 (or sooner), cumulative persisting savings (reductions) will matter much more than first-year savings (reductions). Simple Energy is well positioned to become an industry leader with an integrated offering that has the ability to generate persisting savings.
– Applied Energy Group


Simple Energy’s solutions seamlessly integrate with one another and have the potential to drive higher savings over the course of a consumer’s lifetime. Marketplace and Home Energy Insights—two of Simple Energy’s products—offer an example of integrated products that we believe will drive more savings than Home Energy Insights does on its own.

Data analytics tools within Home Energy Insights identify customers that would see lower energy bills if they used a smart thermostat. The application provides personalized energy saving metrics that display predicted savings with smart thermostat usage. Home Energy Insights can drive customers to take action—and actually direct the customer to their utility’s Marketplace, where the customer can apply instant rebates, enroll in demand response programs and more. Once the customer starts seeing those bill savings, Home Energy Insights provides additional recommendations, building upon previous energy-saving actions.

Purchasing energy-saving technology like smart thermostats and LED light bulbs ultimately generates much greater energy savings over the course of the consumer’s lifetime when compared to the savings of a one-time behavioral action. A single smart thermostat saves an average of 3,750 kWh over its lifetime, and an LED bulb—450 kWh.

AEG believes that future energy efficiency metrics will focus on lifetime energy savings, with less emphasis on first-year savings. Simple Energy’s integrated approach to energy savings is a huge step towards building a system that benefits consumers—and simultaneously enables utilities to reach ambitious greenhouse gas reduction goals.


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