Team Spotlight: Lindsey Meehan

By Abby Campbell on

Every month, we interview an Uplight employee to get to know more about what they do at Uplight, why they love working here, and what inspired them to get into this industry! This month, I chat with Lindsey Meehan, Senior Director of Corporate Marketing.

What do you do for Uplight? 

I lead the corporate marketing team which is responsible for bringing Uplight’s mission, platform, and solutions to the energy market. We are a team of storytellers, building content and campaigns that bring our solutions to life, and connection builders, bringing clients together to learn from each other through our Uplight community. Collaborating with teams from across the organization, we make sure the market knows about the innovative and important work we’re doing at Uplight.  

What do you find most exciting or rewarding about working for Uplight? 

It’s really exciting and rewarding to wake up every day and know that the work I’m doing is contributing to improving our planet, and helping energy customers across the country save money on their bills. Our mission, B corp status, and commitment to diversity and inclusion make Uplight a really inspiring place to work. 

How does the work you do contribute towards creating a more sustainable future and better customer energy experiences? 

Our team is responsible for driving awareness of Uplight’s platform and solutions. We ultimately help utilities move down the path to partnership on projects that both improve the customer energy experience and help create a more sustainable planet by driving energy savings. 

How did you get into this work? 

I am a career marketer and worked in healthcare and telecoms before getting into energy. My first experience in this industry came when I joined the marketing team at an electricity and gas utility in Ireland, where my role was focused on helping customers save money and energy. When I moved back to Boston, my hometown, I was looking for an opportunity to continue working in this space. I found Uplight (then FirstFuel) and I was hooked. 

What has been your favorite project so far at Uplight?

Contributing to the creation of the Uplight brand was a really unique experience. As a marketer, brand building is the foundation of so much of what we do, and having the opportunity to help build our brand from the ground up was really exciting. 

What is one thing that has most surprised you about working here? 

The quality of the Uplight team surprises and delights me every day. Every person I work with is smart, dedicated, caring, and committed to doing exciting, innovative work that is changing the energy industry for the better.

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