The Global Climate Strike 2019

By Crystal Leaver on

Climate Strike 2019

On September 20 people from around the world will join together in a Global Climate Strike to demand transformative action be taken to address the climate crisis. A second strike day of action will also take place on September 27. These strikes will be one of the largest climate mobilizations in history, with flagship strikes held in communities around the globe. As you know, climate action is core to us at Uplight as we work to build a more sustainable future and accelerate the clean energy ecosystem. You might see Uplighters at an event near you since we are giving all employees the opportunity to participate. 

To find an event in your area, please visit this site hosted by our fellow B Corp Patagonia. Since much of this initiative is being led by youth and student activists around the world, you may also find that your closest event for you to join will be at your local school.

Other ways that you can add your voice to the cause include: 

  • Sharing #ClimateStrike on why climate change matters to you, and/or how your particular work is supporting climate action. 
  • Gather together for a coffee discussion or create a pop up lunch-n-learn about climate change. The more heads and hearts participating in this critical issue the better.
  • Uplight will also be sharing social media content directly throughout the week. Follow @uplight on Twitter and re-share our posts on your own networks. 

Thanks to all of you who are supporting this important #climatestrike, and for being a force for positive change in the world!