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The Magic of Business Customer Usage Data

By Crystal Leaver on

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To meet business customer expectations, utilities have a powerful tool in their tool box: customer usage data. Pairing existing customer data with third-party data sets can generate even more powerful insights. Using advanced data mining and load analytics, utilities can distinguish between different business types and energy usage patterns. This enables utilities to generate customer-specific messages. 

But even the most personalized messages can be ignored if not surfaced on a customers’ preferred channel(s). Both small and medium sized businesses (SMB) and large C&I customers don’t have time to dig for information. Research by Accenture has shown that businesses have come to expect omnichannel communications with 67% of SMBs preferring communications via email while 42% opting for letters, 25% preferring websites, and 24% preferring communications via the phone. 

Taking advantage of customer usage data to surface personalized insights across channels pays off–driving notable improvements in customer engagement, conversion, and cost to serve. 

Uplight has found that businesses open personalized communications 2-3 times as often, increasing engagement and their understanding of utility offerings. Utilities can also see a 2X increase in conversion rates along with the potential to deliver $34 to $43 of annual recurring value to the utility, per business customer.

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