Uplight Welcomes its 2023 Summer Interns

By Kate Devitt on

Last month, Uplight welcomed 16 summer interns to its team, nearly tripling the number of intern hires from last year. They are working in positions across all 6 of Uplight’s pillars: Engineering, Delivery and Operations, Market Innovation, Security and IT, Product, and Legal

Uplight’s 16 interns have unique positions, backgrounds, and expertise. Some are students at the undergraduate or graduate level, while others are post-graduates entering the workforce or exploring a career change. They are working from the Boulder and Boston areas, as well as Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and New York. 

What unites them is their shared values and mission: when asked, “Why Uplight?”, they expressed their excitement to use business as a force for good and contribute, in any way possible, to the clean energy transformation.  Ritika, a Business Operations intern and masters student at University of Pennsylvania, expressed her eagerness to learn from a B-corporation: “I’ve always wanted to transition into the Climate space after graduation, and I am excited to learn about the operations of a B-corp in the energy industry.” Mark, a Software Engineer Intern transitioning from the food industry to the tech space, says, “I couldn’t be more grateful to work at a company that has a mission that aligns closely with my values. I feel like I am a part of something bigger than myself here.” 

At Uplight, interns work closely with team members in their pillar, contributing to relevant and impactful projects. From day one, they are challenged to use their knowledge, skills, and fresh-set-of-eyes to bring new perspectives to their teams. At the end of the summer, each intern will have the opportunity to present their summer projects to the entire company. 

In addition to their projects, interns participate in meetings and trainings to learn about all aspects of operations at Uplight, participate in bi-weekly intern meetings to get to know each other, and have the opportunity to attend summer celebrations at the office. Delaney Keating, Uplight’s People Team Specialist, adds, “We want our interns to have real, meaningful exposure to our company, and the work that we’re doing. The goal is to have them not only connect with their peers and team members, but also with Uplight’s mission and purpose.” 

Interns will leave with new knowledge of the energy industry and their respective fields, skills applicable to all aspects of their career, meaningful connections with their coworkers, and a strong sense of purpose. Ideally, they will return to work at Uplight one day too.

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