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Washington Gas Empowers Customers to Improve Energy Efficiency

By Crystal Leaver on

This post was originally published on EnergySavvy’s website. EnergySavvy is now Uplight.

Washington Gas wanted to drive energy awareness and help their more than million gas customers take control of their energy usage through their rebate program and Energy Conservation Kits.

The utility leveraged EnergySavvy’s solutions to launch the Online Home Energy Profile, resulting in over 15,000 Virginia customers completing a survey and receiving personalized recommendations—and for those eligible to enroll in an energy efficiency program to receive the Energy Conservation Kit consisting of a high-efficiency showerhead, bathroom faucet aerator, self-adhesive door sweep, and cell foam weather strip. Washington Gas used social media, their website, advertising, and bill inserts to encourage customers to complete the Online Home Energy Assessment.

The online tool consists of easy-to-answer questions regarding a home’s energy usage. The intuitive design of the assessment resulted in a 90% completion rate. In addition, Washington Gas found that promoting the campaign in a series of email campaigns had the most impact, with these emails averaging a 30% open rate and a 3.3% click-thru rate.

“Since rolling out the Home Profile Kit campaign through EnergySavvy’s Online Home Energy Profile, we’ve seen customers take tremendous strides in pursuing increased cost savings through the installation of these products,” said Kenisha Dennis, senior marketing specialist at Washington Gas. “It is extremely rewarding to see the excitement among our customers and get them on track for even more energy savings.”

Not only did customers implement DIY home energy-saving improvements after completing the survey and receiving the kit, but 69% of program participants also installed additional measures, indicating that there’s a long-term positive behavioral effect towards energy-saving initiatives.

Download the case study to find out more about how Washington Gas exceeded their energy efficiency participation goals!


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