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Uplight Acquires Agentis, Expands Utility Engagement for Critical Business Customers

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Welcome, Agentis, to the Uplight Family

By Crystal Leaver on

Utilities who are serious about their customers and their strategic futures can’t forget about their biggest segment, business customers. Although business customers make up less than 15% of a typical utility’s meters, they can account for up to two-thirds of a utility’s load and revenue. Business customers also represent more than 70% of the electrification opportunity for utilities and are critical participants in the push to decarbonize. These are just a few of the reasons why Uplight is excited to announce that we have acquired Agentis, an industry-leading provider of digital energy engagement and management tools specifically designed to meet the needs of business customers. 

With Agentis, Uplight is creating a best-in-class business customer solution by combining Uplight’s existing analytics and data science expertise with Agentis’ customer engagement capabilities to help get business customers engaged, more informed about their energy consumption, and taking energy saving actions. Uplight is also excited to welcome to the #oneteam our new colleagues from Agentis, who bring with them critical expertise about business customers, CX and UX design, and more outstanding technical talents. To top it off, many of our new teammates are based in Chicago, creating an additional hiring hub as Uplight continues to grow. 

To learn more about Uplight’s expanded business customer expertise and capabilities and how we can help energy providers serve a core segment, see our press release.


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