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Virtual Working Group

Thu March 23rd, 2023 @ 11:00am-12:00pm MT

Driving Load Flexibility With Connected Customer Journeys

To enable the energy transition, massive numbers of energy customers must be inspired to purchase and then provide their distributed energy resources (DERs) in service of the grid. Utilities are well-positioned and well-suited for this recruitment effort, but not without top-notch user experiences – ones that delight customers, meet them where they are, and drive action.

Offering these connected, low-effort experiences will require more cross-departmental and even external-partner coordination from utilities as every demand-side energy activity can be used as an acquisition channel. A rapid transition to digital engagement has amplified the need for this approach as customers move from experience to experience with ease in other parts of their lives.

In this Working Group, we will discuss wins as well as persistent barriers in creating connected customer experiences – from not only a technology perspective, but also an organizational structure and partner coordination perspective. We’ll also share Uplight’s approach to powering these experiences, especially to drive enrollments in load flexibility programs.

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