Wed March 27th, 2024 @ 11:00am-12:00pm MT

Jumpstarting Home Electrification: Barriers and Opportunities

Electrification is a critical part of grid decarbonization, and IRA incentives will make this possible for more homeowners. Customers are learning about new heating, cooling, water heating and appliances from many sources – and at the same time as rebates, tax credits, and financing. Through user research insights, we can now share the current customer journeys for how, when, and why people switch from fossil fuels, and recommendations for utilities and their partners.


In this webinar, we’ll share in-depth experiences of people considering or purchasing heat pumps, hybrid/heat pump water heaters, and induction stoves:


  • What drives homeowners to switch fuel types
  • Customer journeys from purchase through contractor selection
  • How utilities, partners, and supporters (including nonprofits, etc.) fit into the process
  • Awareness of utility, state, and federal incentives
  • Biggest pain points – and how utilities and others can help overcome them
  • The words customers use – and messaging recommendations


This webinar is open to anyone involved in residential building electrification – utilities, program implementers, contractors, retail partners, local and national nonprofits, and advocates.

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