Uplight Acquires Agentis, Expands Utility Engagement for Critical Business Customers

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Upcoming Webinar - Voice of the Energy Customer Research: EVs Revealed

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Voice of the Energy Customer Research: Unlock 7 Key Findings to Better Engage Your Customers.

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Virtual Working Group

Thu July 28th, 2022 @ 11:00am - 12pm MT

Untangling Customer Energy Data to Support Connected Experiences - Part 2

Join your utility peers in another discussion about how utilities can improve customer data access and utilization to drive high-impact outcomes such as meeting electrification and decarbonization goals, reducing cost to serve, and increasing load flexibility.

We’ll debate the pros and cons of different data strategies, discuss the challenges utilities face in creating a centralized, unified, standardized energy customer data set, and share successful strategies utilities have leveraged to unlock the usability of customer data for personalization, innovation and value creation across the entire energy ecosystem. 

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