Thu February 3rd, 2022 @ 11:00am - 12:00pm MT

Plugging In After Purchase - How Utilities Can Create a Seamless EV Customer Journey

After purchasing an electric vehicle (EV), many energy customers do not turn to their utility for post-purchase offers and programs. These very programs, however, are essential to enable a seamless EV journey for customers, helping them to purchase chargers, choose the right rate, and charge their vehicle at the optimal times.

Uplight worked with the See Change Institute to interview current EV owners to understand where, when, and how customers charge their EVs to identify notable patterns in their overall habits, preferences and barriers to adoption. We also uncovered how customers interacted with their utility before, during and after their EV purchase, identifying insights on how utilities can better engage EV owners and match them with ways to help them manage their increased energy use.

Join our webinar to learn how this new research can help you identify the gaps in your utility’s EV programs before and after EV purchase and improve the EV customer experience.