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An influx of EVs. Surging peaks. Can AI help?



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AI is suddenly in use everywhere — and it’s headed for the power sector.

New research from Latitude Intelligence and Indigo Advisory Group shows a coming wave of AI integration, inside and outside of utilities.

Distributed energy companies are increasingly integrating AI into their products, and many power companies are building teams to take advantage of automation for operational efficiency and grid monitoring.

But adoption will be uneven, and an autonomous superbrain for the electric grid may never fully materialize.

In this episode, we’ll break down the pathways for AI on the electric grid, and test the market knowledge of a few leaders in this space.

We’re joined by David Groarke, who led the research for Latitude Intelligence on AI adoption; Sadia Raveendran, VP of industry solutions at Uplight; and Apoorv Bhargava, CEO and co-founder of WeaveGrid.

We’ll look at the influx of EVs, the rise of virtual power plants, and the growth in peak demand and ask: where is artificial intelligence and machine learning helping?