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Uplight Launches Plus, Empowering Utility Customers to Participate in the Clean Energy Transition with Personalized, Subscription Energy Bundles

First-to-market solution allows utility companies to package programs and services based on customer needs

Similar to Netflix model, Plus offers subscription energy giving customers a more personalized experience and predictable bills

BOULDER, Colo, Aug. 11, 2021 – Uplight, the technology partner of energy providers transitioning to the clean energy ecosystem, today announced Plus, a new solution that bundles multiple utility programs into simple, personalized offers in a consumer-friendly digital experience, making it easy for customers to understand and enroll in beneficial energy and billing programs.

Our customers seek more certainty around their energy bills, and we believe it’s important to be innovative in meeting our customers’ needs,” said Duke Energy Vice President, Rate Design and Strategic Solutions, Lon Huber. “Being able to offer subscription energy bundles through a tailored customer experience is paramount, and it further helps us meet critical goals around clean energy and reduced peak demand.”

“AES Indiana is focused on providing our customers with tools and resources that will help them achieve their most important objectives, including reliability, affordability and sustainability,” said Wendy Mehringer, AES Indiana Chief Customer Officer. “Through Plus, we are creating a more personalized experience that puts our customers in control of their energy use and billing.”

Uplight is the first utility partner to offer a subscription-based customer experience allowing customers to pay the same amount each month. Plus provides customers with a new level of clarity into their gas and electricity usage. From digital, fixed subscription payments to energy usage information and savings incentives, the personalized solution connects customers to the right programs at the right time with easy-to-understand options to enroll in plans that work best for them. To create the personalized energy bundles, Plus uses customer-provided feedback on offer types, information on utility program eligibility, and innovative propensity modeling tailored to individual customers.

Utilities have the ability to offer customers a unique and cohesive experience through Plus with:

  • Subscription energy with a fixed bill amount
  • Green energy options enabling customers to source some or all their energy needs from renewable sources
  • Ability to purchase smart devices for their home
  • Smart thermostat optimization via demand response
  • Auto pay and E-Bill
  • Ability to pay by credit card or their digital wallet (e.g., Apple Pay or Google Pay)
  • Energy efficiency program enrollment
  • Charitable contributions
  • Offers from third-party providers in the broader clean energy ecosystem

Leading utilities including AES, Duke Energy, and others have already launched Plus as part of successful pilots.

  • AES Indiana: AES Indiana is utilizing Plus as an app designed to deliver a mobile experience in a number of ways. Pending regulatory approval, customers can sign up in one step for a flat, monthly energy charge, get 100% renewable sourced energy, set up auto pay, and add a payment method in the form of a credit card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay. AES Indiana reached its initial enrollment goal for the Plus app of 2,000 residential customers in three months. The app helped increase customer enrollment for auto pay and budget billing by 26% and green energy program enrollment by 67%.
  • Duke Energy: Duke Energy launched Plus in 2021 to pilot a subscription energy bundle with a 12-month fixed bill and smart thermostat optimization. The pilot seeks to measure customer satisfaction with a subscription energy experience and test whether smart thermostat optimization can offset any potential increases in energy usage from a flat rate.
  • A Large Western Utility will be using Plus to help low-income residential customers easily make decisions, take actions, and track progress on their energy usage and costs.

“Our data shows utility customers want more engagement and less hassle with more predictable bills and access to relevant utility programs. In the age of Amazon, Netflix and Peloton, it makes sense for utilities to move to a smart subscription service model, tailoring customer experiences based on data,” said Jennifer Kinney, Chief Innovation Officer at Uplight. “This makes the energy consumption experience easier while eliminating the guesswork surrounding billing, energy usage and savings.”

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