Company Statement

Uplight Response to the Supreme Court Ruling on EPA’s Authority

(West Virginia v. Environmental Protection Agency, No. 20-1530)

The climate crisis is an existential threat, and we need all tools at our disposal to combat it, whether they be legislative, market-based, from federal agencies, or from international agreements.  

Decisions and forces that weaken these tools only make the job of fighting climate change – already a monumental task – harder. As a B-Corporation whose purpose is to create a more sustainable future using business as a force for good, we at Uplight find this decision to be disappointing, frustrating, and damaging.

In the face of this decision, however, the goals for Uplight and for our Utility partners do not change: Accelerate decarbonization of the planet, make clean energy affordable for all, and positively impact communities. 

Our work will continue – it is more critical than ever – and we still have many tools at our disposal:

  • Our work with our Utility partners and their energy customers remains compelling, whether we’re engaging energy customers so they’re more aware of their energy use, helping them acquire and enroll products like smart thermostats and EV chargers into energy savings programs, or orchestrating their use in service of cleaner and cheaper energy as well as energy grid resilience.
  • These solutions make economic as well as environmental sense for both the grid and energy customers. So while we’re incredibly disappointed in this ruling, this doesn’t blunt our efforts, their importance, or their effectiveness.

As a company, Uplight will continue to support legislation at federal and state levels that brings down carbon emissions. We hope our legislative bodies feel even more urgency to pass specific, aggressive climate policy so that there is no ambiguity about what needs to be done by local, state, and federal agencies to address the climate crisis. 

Most of our Utility clients have made zero-carbon pledges, and the majority of Americans agree that climate change is a pressing issue. Continuing on our aggressive path to clean energy is simply the right thing to do. 

To our vast ecosystem of partners and allies in this effort, our work is more critical than it’s ever been. In the face of difficult decisions like this one, we will continue our work with you every day, doubling-down on our efforts to build a more sustainable future for all.


About Uplight

Uplight is the technology partner for energy providers and the clean energy ecosystem. Uplight’s software solutions connect energy customers to the decarbonization goals of power providers while helping customers save energy and lower costs, creating a more sustainable future for all. Using the industry’s only comprehensive customer-centric technology suite and critical energy expertise across disciplines, Uplight is streamlining the complex transition to the clean energy ecosystem for more than 80 electric and gas utilities around the world. By empowering energy providers to achieve critical outcomes through data-driven customer experiences, delivering control at the grid edge, creating new revenue streams and optimizing existing load and assets, Uplight shares a mission with its clients to make energy more sustainable for every community. Uplight is a certified B Corporation. To learn more, visit us at, find us on Twitter @Uplight or on LinkedIn at