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Team Spotlight: Tizzie Allen

By Abby Campbell on

Every month, we interview an Uplight employee to get to know more about what they do at Uplight, why they love working here, and what inspired them to get into this industry! This month, I chat with Tizzie Allen.

What do you do for Uplight? 

I am a Customer Success Associate in the Midwest District. My days consist of supporting Customer Success Managers in issue coordination and resolution, program performance tracking, project management, and more! We collaborate with almost every Uplight team to deliver measurable value for our clients.

What do you find most exciting or rewarding about working for Uplight? 

It’s really exciting to work for a company making measurable, positive change in the world. I love to see exactly how much energy our programs are helping people save. It’s also extremely rewarding to work with Uplighters across the globe. Did you know that when you live in Colorado, your friends in Pune will start wishing you a happy birthday 11 hours early? There are professional perks too, of course, like varied perspectives, cultural awareness, and incredible communication. But, the birthday thing is my favorite. 

How does the work you do contribute towards creating a more sustainable future and better customer energy experiences? 

In Customer Success, we are working directly with utility companies to help them reach their goals. We are communicating product enhancement ideas, best practice suggestions, and metrics directly to our clients. This work ensures our clients are getting the most out of our solutions and we are continually improving our service. 

How did you get into this work? 

Before I came to Uplight, I worked as an Operations Manager for a mission-based media startup. As one person on a team of four, I wore many hats and was responsible for things like process implementation, product development, event planning, website maintenance, and much more. When I moved to Colorado, I was looking for a similar environment. I wanted to work with people, doing new things every day, for a company with a purpose I believe in. That is not an easy thing to find, so I was super excited to land at Uplight! 

What has been your favorite project so far at Uplight?

One of my first projects was assisting in upgrading a clients’ Marketplace. Since I was new, I was focused on learning the process. It was fascinating to see so many Uplighters from different teams collaborating on such a huge undertaking. It’s also fun to see the upgraded product in action every day and have a better understanding of how it all works! Plus, now when clients have product questions, I know I have the support of a network of super smart and hard-working people. 

What is one thing that has most surprised you about working here? 

I’m always pleasantly surprised at how people are willing to help one another at Uplight, no matter how busy they are. Everyone is so generous with their time and knowledge. It’s clear we’re all in this together and the #OneTeam core value is no joke.

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