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What are Utility Marketplaces Missing?

By Crystal Leaver on

Buying things online is a way of life, and many utilities want customers to think of them when they buy anything energy related. To facilitate this, many utilities have set up online energy Marketplaces. But, many utilities aren’t seeing the Marketplace successes they envisioned.

First generation energy Marketplaces can be inconsistent and generic, resulting in poor experiences for customers and utilities alike. Many Marketplaces expect customers to purchase items on other retailer’s websites and/or submit rebates separately. These disjointed experiences can cause the customer to be frustrated or drop out of the process altogether. 

And by failing to embrace ecommerce best practices, utilities can miss out on revenue boosting opportunities. By recommending related products, upselling customers on a product with even more value, or bundling related service enrollments, utilities can not only increase revenue, but also improve the customer experience. 

Uplight first created Demand Response Pre-Enrollment (DRPE) where a customer can automatically enroll in and be set up for a demand response program when they purchase a smart thermostat. Through an automated connection and a seamless process, Uplight has seen 5x more thermostat sales and increases demand response enrollment rates than  well-run targeted marketing campaigns.

Learn how you can launch a winning Marketplace or make improvements to your existing Marketplace by downloading our eBook.

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