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Uplight Puts 1.7 Million Energy Saving Devices into the Hands of Customers, Breaking Marketplace Sales Records

Uplight Puts 1.7 Million Energy Saving Devices into the Hands of Customers, Breaking Marketplace Sales Records

Uplight continues market leadership, launching nine new Demand Response Pre-Enrollment Programs this past year

BOULDER, Colo, Jan. 26, 2021 – Uplight, the technology partner for energy providers transitioning to the clean energy ecosystem, had a record breaking year for Marketplaces in 2020 with a sales increase of 39% year over year. Uplight is the leading provider of comprehensive and innovative utility Marketplaces, currently serving more than 30 million energy customers through nearly 30 Marketplaces. Last year’s sales put more than 1.7 million energy saving devices in homes, and will lead to an estimated 150 million kWh and $20 million saved on energy bills for customers next year alone.  

“In a year where we threw all predictions out the window, utilities were able to leverage Marketplaces to engage customers and provide energy-saving products – elevating the role of the utility as a trusted energy partner who helps customers save energy and money, right at the time that customers needed it most” said Brad Chen, General Manager of E-Commerce of Uplight. “We saw record breaking sales in 2020 because our flexible Marketplace product and established partnerships with manufacturers and utilities helped us quickly adapt to the uncertainty and turn challenges into successful opportunities to get cost-effective energy-saving products to customers while still meeting utility goals.”

As many utility customers spent more time at home this year, these energy-saving products helped increase their comfort and manage their energy spend, providing positive benefits for each participating customer. In 2020, Uplight launched multiple campaigns with utilities like Consumers Energy designed to get no- and low-cost smart thermostats into the homes of utility customers. 

When aggregated across all Uplight Marketplace utility customers, the 1.7 million energy-saving devices Uplight delivered enabled energy providers to remove the equivalent of a peaker power plant from the grid. As utilities race to meet aggressive decarbonization goals, this year’s Uplight Marketplace performance provided an extra push.  

Uplight’s Marketplace sales in 2020 reflect a broader trend, as utilities aim to be at the center for all things energy-related, and particularly for distributed energy resources. Uplight significantly expanded its demand response (DR) pre-enrollment program launching nine DR pre-enrollment programs in 2020, bringing the total number of programs to 13, including the first pre-enrollment for gas DR and managed charging programs. Uplight first launched this novel feature in 2017 to eliminate friction for energy customers interested in enrolling, and now Uplight enrolls more than 60% of eligible customers into DR programs with their Marketplace device purchases.

Uplight continued to push its focus on Marketplace innovation with new product and program offerings. Uplight worked with two utility partners to launch a Marketplace Giveaway Hub, creating a central location where utilities can provide free energy efficiency products to low-to-moderate income customers. Additionally, Uplight launched 40 new products including air purifiers, dehumidifiers, smart sprinklers, etc, to expand customer options while also supporting additional rebate offers. 

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