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80% of customers would consider buying electricity or related products elsewhere. How do utilities stay the top provider of energy-related products and services?

“New Energy Consumer Creating Links to Love,” Accenture Consulting, 2018.


Facilitate all customer energy-related decisions with Uplight’s leading comprehensive transactional platform. The Marketplace provides a one-stop-shop for customers to purchase products and services directly through their utility and sign up for aligned programs. Not only does data-driven, personalized marketing drive more customers to the Marketplace, but automated instant rebate validation and payout provides a positive utility customer experience—resulting in higher sales, savings, and customer satisfaction.


PSE&G met their 2-year program goal in 4 months by selling over 36,000 smart thermostats—many of them with bundled installation services—while also achieving a Net Promoter Score of 92 among the participants.

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What We Deliver

Personalized Engagement

Customers are more likely to take action on recommendations relevant to them. Using all available customer data, Uplight helps utilities target customers with personalized proactive offers or embedded messaging in other channels, such as home energy reports or a MyAccount portal.

Comprehensive Products and Services

The one-stop-shop Marketplace makes it easy for customers to find all products, services and offerings. Many can be bundled with complementary contractor referrals, installation services or program enrollments. With instant rebate verification and an easy sign-up process, customers can use what they know rather than searching for a password or account number.

Multichannel Experiences

Meet the customer where they are by providing products and services and corresponding rebates in multiple channels. Customers can use the mobile-optimized online Marketplace or automatically apply for and receive rebates while purchasing energy-efficient products in-store. Contractors can also upsell measures while completing rebates onsite.

10x increase on average in the number of transactions when utilities switch from a previous provider to Uplight’s Marketplace.

35% increase in cost-effectiveness when utilities use the Uplight Marketplace.

Marketplace participants have a Net Promoter Score of 69, significantly higher than the “excellent” threshold of 50.

General questions about Uplight's Marketplace?

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