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Uplight and AES to Transform Customers’ Energy Experience While Achieving Greater Efficiency and Cost Savings

Partnership will reshape how AES’ 2.5 Million customers manage their energy use

BOULDER, Colo, June 23, 2021 – Uplight and The AES Corporation (NYSE: AES) today announced a new partnership that will transform how AES customers engage with their energy provider and manage their energy use. The partnership will allow AES and the communities it serves to accelerate a cleaner energy future. Using Uplight’s full suite of products and services, including the latest release of the Uplight Connect Platform, AES and Uplight together are taking critical steps forward in delivering a more seamless, connected experience for customers. 

The Connect platform operates using digital energy usage data and machine learning models based on more than a decade of energy and customer insights. Utilities receive robust energy consumption data, tools and APIs, to allow for greater energy efficiency, reliability and sustainability. Through Connect, AES customers will receive more personalized information about their energy usage, helping them save energy and money, while also making it easier to participate in a host of new low carbon energy solutions coming from AES and Uplight. 

“At AES, we are reimagining how we provide energy and how our customers can best manage their energy use. Uplight is the perfect partner for digital energy solutions that create new customer experiences,” said Annmarie Reynolds, AES Chief Customer Officer. “Our goal is to help consumers make better energy decisions, while also providing them with options for greater energy efficiency and cost savings. Our partnership with Uplight will enable stronger customer engagement so we can accelerate a cleaner energy future, together.”

As part of this partnership, AES and Uplight will work together to innovate and develop new products and services—all built on Connect—to deliver an impactful business roadmap over the next five years. Through their partnership, AES and Uplight will provide customers with a more seamless experience and will help AES and the communities it serves to achieve their sustainability goals. The two companies are already providing digital customer solutions in certain markets, providing e-mobility and advanced commercial and industrial offerings using this approach. These new energy solutions will all utilize Connect’s robust energy and consumer analytics to engage, activate and better manage energy use. 

AES will deploy more than 15 of Uplight’s residential and commercial and industrial solutions to create an integrated, personalized experience for energy customers in the United States and Latin America. Uplight’s full product suite includes:

“AES is a visionary energy provider that recognizes motivating and engaging customers is essential to achieve their clean energy transition goals. To achieve decarbonization, utilities need to rapidly deliver a customer-centric energy experience with valuable solutions to their customers,” said Justin Segall, Chief Strategy Officer of Uplight. “We are proud to partner deeply with AES to enable integrated, personalized, end-to-end experiences for all customers. The mission critical new products and services we are delivering together are a manifestation of our shared vision for a greener future. We created Uplight to serve a missing need we heard from our utility partners – to have a trusted partner to enable innovation at scale and accelerate the clean energy ecosystem – this partnership exemplifies mission-aligned collaboration.”

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Uplight is the technology partner for energy providers and the clean energy ecosystem. Uplight’s software solutions connect energy customers to the decarbonization goals of power providers while helping customers save energy and lower costs, creating a more sustainable future for all. Using the industry’s only comprehensive customer-centric technology suite and critical energy expertise across disciplines, Uplight is streamlining the complex transition to the clean energy ecosystem for more than 80 electric and gas utilities around the world. By empowering energy providers to achieve critical outcomes through data-driven customer experiences, delivering control at the grid edge, creating new revenue streams and optimizing existing load and assets, Uplight shares a mission with its clients to make energy more sustainable for every community. Uplight is a certified B Corporation. To learn more, visit us at, find us on Twitter @Uplight or on LinkedIn at