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More than 50% of leading utilities mention “customer experience” in their investor messaging and approximately 50% have a Chief Customer Officer, yet utilities still often fall short of providing a modern customer experience.

*Estimate from Uplight research

Digital Customer Engagement

Utilities strive to provide leading customer experience, but oftentimes fall short of meeting customer expectations due to siloed data and outdated IT systems. Uplight’s Digital Customer Engagement solution unifies and fully leverages every touchpoint for both residential and non-residential utility customers, consistently engaging them in a personalized way they’ve come to expect.

Digital Customer Engagement

Uplight’s Energy Manager is a great tool that gives customers visibility and understanding of their bill, and allows them to make choices on how they consume energy–and our customers like it.”

Beth Nowack Cohen ~ Central Maine Power
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What We Deliver

Modern Customer Experience

Uplight’s Digital Customer Engagement leverages a "single-solution suite" and best-in-class analytics that enable an Amazon or Netflix-like utility customer experience. As a result, customers have consistent, personalized journeys across every channel—receiving motivation and educational energy insights throughout.

Unification of Data Across Silos

Uplight's "single-solution suite" connects organizations across the utility on one common platform and with one vendor. As a result, utilities experience unified data across silos, decreased costs and higher performance.

Boosts in Energy Savings and Customer Satisfaction

Internal and third-party analyses have consistently shown that the more engagement touchpoints utilities have with their customers, the greater the total energy savings potential. Personalized digital messaging recommendations further builds customer trust and satisfaction.

300% increase in completed online energy audits at CPS Energy.

2x increase in conversion rates at a large Mid-Atlantic energy provider.

92% customer satisfaction rating among mid-to-large business customers at a large Mid-Atlantic energy provider.

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