2nd Annual Uplight Customer Connect Goes Off with a Bang!

By Sara Fein on

Now in its second year, Uplight’s annual Customer Connect brings together a pioneering group of energy professionals committed to driving positive change in the energy landscape. The event highlights the importance of engaging customers, enhancing energy experiences, and accelerating the adoption of clean energy solutions. 

In just 36 hours, utilities from across the country (including, but not limited to: PSE&G NJ, Georgia Power Company, and Mississippi Power Company) explored the latest industry trends aimed at empowering energy customers to contribute to accelerating decarbonization. Attendees had the chance to connect with like-minded individuals, exchange ideas, and forge alliances to drive meaningful change in the energy sector. Not to mention, the opportunity to participate in thought-provoking panel discussions and interactive breakout sessions—exploring various strategies around customer engagement, data-driven insights, and behavioral science. 

A few key takeaways from the event include:

  • Adopting a Customer-Centric Approach: Placing customers at the center of energy initiatives is crucial for driving engagement, satisfaction, and sustainable outcomes.
  • Importance of Data-Driven Insights: Leveraging data analytics enables utilities to gain valuable insights into customer behavior, preferences, and energy consumption patterns.
  • Fostering a Collaborative Environment: Partnerships and collaboration among utilities, technology providers, and customers are essential for accelerating the clean energy transition.
  • Significance of Inclusion: Delivering affordable energy to all customer segments is the foremost objective for our utility partners in the next 12 months. 
  • Major League Fun: Incorporating time for fun is a must with Uplight, so we took our utility partners to root for the Colorado Rockies. But, sending the Denver Nuggets to the finals was the cherry on top of a great night!

As the event concluded, attendees left with a renewed sense of purpose and inspiration to take action. With our focus on empowering energy customers and advancing clean energy solutions, Uplight Customer Connect has set the stage for a brighter and more sustainable future for the energy industry.

See you next year for Uplight Customer Connect 2024!

P.S. Check out how attendees describe the event in only one word.



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