Uplight acquires Ecotagious.

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Have you heard about Illuminators…our Podcast!

Uplight’s new podcast tells stories of change in other industries and how they can be applied to energy companies and is co-hosted by our own Devren Hobbs and Brad Langley and produced by Stephen Lacey of The Energy Gang.

Want to Start Fresh? Draw a Line.

Ever made a New Year’s resolution? Maybe you resolved to exercise more, quit smoking, or save money. But why then? What’s so special about January 1 that we pre-commit ourselves to a new gym membership or a never-ending stint of nicotine cravings? Ever stopped to think, why do we give one day so much power?
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Uplight in the News: What the Industry is Saying

On July 15 we officially announced the merger between Simple Energy and Tendril to create Uplight. We’re thrilled to have had such a positive response from our customers, partners, and the media. If you didn’t catch the stories, we’ve put together the highlights and links below.  The Uplight Story on Twitter Yoav Lurie, Uplight President
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The Story Behind the Name Uplight

As we brought together some of the leading companies in the energy efficiency and utility customer engagement space, including Simple Energy, Tendril, FirstFuel, EnergySavvy, and EEme, we knew we needed a name and a brand that would speak to who we are and our collective impact. In this new company we are deeply committed to
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The Role of Behavioral Science in Driving Energy Actions

Think back to your last online hotel booking experience. Maybe this looks familiar: “Only 2 rooms left!” or “13 other people viewed this room”. Or what about the last time you were enticed by the lure of FREE? As in, “Start your 30-day free trial on Netflix” or “Free gift with purchase”?  Well, folks, this
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Building an Industry Catalyst: How Uplight Plans to Accelerate the Clean Energy Ecosystem

In just a matter of months, an accomplished team of energy industry software executives have quickly executed a bold and strategic set of moves by bringing together five innovative companies, leaders in their respective fields—all to accelerate the clean energy ecosystem. You can read more in the press release about the formation of Uplight. But,
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