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Surface energy usage data and personalized insights to motivate your customers to take action.

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With over 20 million business customer meters on our platform, we know business energy customers.

Large school system reduces energy use by 23.6%

Working with Uplight, a large Midwestern public school system identified the least energy efficient buildings to prioritize changes––reducing energy consumption during the summer by almost a quarter year over year.


What we deliver

Successfully engage distracted business customers through a personalized portal, timely outbound communications, rate analysis tools, and utility-facing solutions that proactively answer your customers’ energy questions.

Multiple Channels
Goals and KPIs

Empower your customers with their energy consumption data

Enable all your business customers, from Small-Medium-Businesses to large C&I, to optimize their energy usage by helping them understand their:

Usage trends Ways to save Rate program recommendations Relevant programs and offers

Help your internal teams engage business customers

Support utility account managers, program managers, customer service representatives, and marketing teams with insights to personalize communications.

Multiple Channels

Surface insights through multiple channels

Show relevant recommendations and insights via myAccount, mobile apps, bills, outbound communications, and more–creating a consistent customer experience through every channel.

Goals and KPIs

Drive to your own utility goals and KPIs

Using Uplight’s business solutions, utilities can not only increase customer engagement, but meet or exceed goals around energy efficiency, electrification and decarbonization while also meeting regulatory requirements.

Make the most of your AMI investment

Put your AMI data to work by proactively communicating with high bill alerts, high usage alerts, load disaggregation, demand data and more ––helping customers understand their usage and costs in a timely, actionable manner.

Serve small, medium, and large C&I businesses alike.

Engage small business owners, the facilities managers of medium-sized organizations, and energy managers in large enterprises with exactly what they need to make informed energy decisions.

Case Studies

Baltimore Gas and Electric Doubles Building Tune Ups

Working with Uplight and ICF, Baltimore Gas and Electric doubled the number of mid-sized business Building Tune Ups completed in a year, resulting in a 92% customer satisfaction rating.

European Utility Increases Email Open Rates for SMBs by 3-5X

Using monthly personalized email reports to SMBs, a European utility drove an email open rates 3-5X higher than the industry average and also resulted in an over 30% increase in customer satisfaction.

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