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GreenStruxure + Bimbo Bakeries Microgrids: Advancing Sustainability Through Energy Flexibility

Learn how GreenStruxure and Bimbo Bakeries USA are partnering to advance corporate sustainability and maximize energy flexibility with microgrids.

The One-Stop Shop Marketplace at Avangrid

Explore the comprehensive approach to improving customer satisfaction and energy efficiency.

Customer Engagement
Combining the Best of Both Worlds: Superior Customer Experience + Flexible Capacity Management

Explore how our unified platform will unlock new energy potential by aggregating everything, from grid-scale batteries to household smart devices.

Demand Management
Mastering Home Electrification: Barriers and Opportunities

Discover actionable strategies for overcoming hurdles in home electrification.

Energy Efficiency
Charged Up & Ready to Roll: A Study of Residential EV Charging Behavior in a TOU Program

Optimizing EV charging for sustainable grid management.

Electric Vehicles
Unlocking Load Flexibility Potential: The Power of Understanding Customer Knowledge, Barriers & Experiences to Drive Enrollment

Build customer awareness, inspire confidence that customers can succeed, and motivate them to take action.

Demand Management
Applying a Behavioral Science Lens to Time of Use Rates

Deliver a best-in-class rates experience that drives the customer participation.

Rates Engagement
PSE&G Personalizes the Behavioral Customer Experience with Advanced Segmentation

Provide actionable information to help your customers save energy and money via Uplight's advanced segmentation.

Energy Efficiency
Streamlining EV Charger & Make Ready Incentives with Bundled Installation

Streamline the EV customer experience with Uplight & Qmerit’s bundled install.

Electric Vehicles
Streamlining Electrification Incentives: At-home EV Charger & Panel Installations Made Easy

Learn how Uplight and Qmerit are helping utilities streamline the EV customer journey.

Electric Vehicles

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