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Navigant forecasts that electric vehicles will reach over 20 million in 2030 with an annual energy consumption of 93 TWh in the U.S.

“Preparing for an Electric Vehicle Future: How Utilities Can Succeed,” Smart Electric Power Alliance, October 2019.

Electric Vehicles Adoption and Experience

Educate, enable, and empower interest in electric vehicles (EVs) with Uplight’s Electric Vehicle Adoption and Experience solution. Serve as the trusted energy advisor by educating customers on how they can benefit from EVs, match them with personalized options for their lifestyle and needs, and connect them with the most relevant utility offerings to maximize the benefits of their EV. By proactively guiding customers throughout their EV journey, utilities can create deeper customer trust and lay the foundation for future distributed energy resource (DER) opportunities.

Electric Vehicles Adoption and Experience

[EV adoption] is a massive opportunity for utilities to become more customer-focused by streamlining processes and organizational structures, to exploit new business opportunities, and be seen as a champion of positive change.

"Preparing for an Electric Vehicle Future: How Utilities Can Succeed" ~ SEPA
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What We Deliver

Personalized Guidance

Uplight helps customers understand how an EV could fit into their life while explaining new concepts and dispelling common myths. Electric Vehicle Advisor uses factors such as the customer’s purchasing priorities and projected savings to produce a personalized score for every EV and plug-in hybrid on the market. When paired with additional resources on charging and rate plans, utilities can guide customers throughout the process of EV ownership.

Targeted EV Rates

The time of day that customers charge their electric vehicles impacts utility loads. EV-specific rates can help incentivize customers to charge at ideal times. Uplight can guide customers to take advantage of these rates through a variety of self-serve and targeted recommendations.

Instant Rebates for EV Chargers

Utilities can now provide their customers with at-home chargers through Uplight’s Marketplace. To help accelerate the uptake of these chargers, utilities can leverage instant rebates and/or bundled installation services to make it more affordable and easier for customers.

74% of customers who completed EV Advisor would recommend it to a friend.

20 million customers across seven states have access to personalized EV guidance.

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