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Utility customer price satisfaction drops by 10% when defaulted onto a TOU rate.

“2019 Utilities Industry Outlook,” J.D. Power, 2019

Rates Adoption and Customer Experience

Whether moving onto a new rate via opt-out or opt-in, customers can fear volatile bills and find it difficult to understand the new rate structure. Oftentimes customers go public with their frustration, causing utility customer satisfaction to take a dive. Uplight helps utilities prevent rocky rate roll-outs and become a trusted energy advisor through a personalized utility customer experience, targeted marketing and grid-optimized enrollment.

Rates Adoption and Customer Experience

TOU rates are seen as the new 'multi-tool,' to cut utility costs, reduce emissions, manage loads, and adapt to new distributed technologies”

Gwen Farnsworth​ ~ Senior Energy Policy Advisor, Western Resource Advocates
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What We Deliver

Deep Analytics to Know Your Customers

Uplight’s energy analytics engine enables utilities to have a 360-degree view of their customers, including propensity to save and recommendations for the best rate adoption programs. With Uplight’s load disaggregation for AMI, utilities can also double the effectiveness of rate education and marketing activities by monitoring appliance performance in a customer’s home or business.

Improve Utility Customer Satisfaction and Reduce Call Center Volume

Using all available customer data, Uplight helps utilities target customers with personalized offers, rate comparison tools and saving tips. Uplight enables consistent messages to be delivered via proactive outbound messaging or embedded in other channels such as home energy reports or an engagement portal.

Empower Customers to Save More with Enabling Technology

Serve up targeted products, services and offers that simplify energy management with Uplight’s Marketplace. The one-stop-shop provides easy bundling of rebates, contractor referrals, installation services or program enrollments. Using Uplight’s Orchestrated Energy, customers can truly “set-and-forget” by optimizing appliances to their rate.

38% increase in CSAT related to bill understanding among non-residential customers at an European utility.

Questions about Rates Adoption and Customer Experience?

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