Data platform at the grid-edge

Most utilities are working with inaccessible and siloed data, resulting in more manual coordination, fragmented customer experiences, and lower customer participation in critical programs.

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Powerful Uplight Connect Platform

Uplight’s Connect platform unifies data from utility and other sources to power SaaS applications, APIs and widgets, and visualization tools—providing robust, easy access to energy data to simplify the customer experience.

Providing one
integration for it all

Over 15 Uplight products, including Home Energy Reports, Marketplace, and Demand Response can be deployed with a single data integration.

Our API integration layer means energy ecosystem partners can easily enhance these products or leverage Uplight APIs by applying them to new use cases.

To enable consistent,
omni-channel experiences

A single, open platform for energy data and insights enables the low-friction, consistent customer touchpoints that are required in a more distributed and digitized energy future.

At the scale you need

Built by the technology partner of energy providers transitioning to the clean energy ecosystem, Uplight’s solutions are already deployed to more than 80 utilities around the globe.

Designed for developers

Our embeddable widgets and extensive API catalog make solution development fast, easy, and intuitive.

To enable your
outcomes, faster

From digital self-serve and behavioral energy savings to electrification and lower-cost load flexibility, we help you achieve your desired goals.

Next-level data security

We are serious about keeping data safe - continuously intrusion monitoring, vulnerability scanning and penetration-testing our environments.

Our SOC2 compliance, tenant-based architecture, and encryption standards ensure your data is the way it should be—secure.