Achieving High Customer Satisfaction at Jackson EMC with Marketplace

By Crystal Leaver on

Man receiving a package

Most utilities have a goal to improve customer satisfaction, and one important tool is through utility Marketplaces. Jackson Electric Membership Cooperative) or Jackson EMC, a cooperative located in Northeast Georgia. The utility launched Uplight’s Marketplace in 2017 to do just that–boost customer satisfaction. The Marketplace provides instant rebates on smart thermostats as well as Level 2 electric vehicle chargers. 

The experience has proven to work. Jackson EMC received a Net Promoter score of 79 and a customer satisfaction score of 71. And the utility has also boosted sales by sending follow-up emails to customers who abandon their cart at the 24 and 72 hour mark. For example, an email sent 1 hour after cart abandonment saw a 60% open rate and 36% of customers complete their purchase. 

Christy Queen, Director of Residential Marketing at Jackson EMC said, “Uplight’s Marketplace has enabled us to provide first-class service to our customers while instantly applying rebates. We are also excited about the opportunity to grow our Marketplace to provide energy saving products that are easy to purchase.” 

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