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Congrats, Momo Nakamura, Built In Moxie Award Winner

By Crystal Leaver on

Momo Nakamura

Built In’s Moxie Awards celebrate women’s contributions to tech, especially those who are creating change from the ground up. Uplight’s own Momo Nakamura,  Senior Manager, Customer Growth & Marketing Operations, was selected as a 2023 Moxie Award Winner.

Momo is a rising leader in the Climate tech field, a mentor and role model to other women. Along with being a trusted Salesforce Development Cloud (SFDC) subject matter expert, she has served as the co-chair of the board of directors for Sustainable Seattle, an organization focused on building a thriving future in Seattle by launching initiatives that deliver environmental, economic and community benefits, promote equity, and build resilience.

Through her solution-first mindset, she has implemented various system improvements in SFDC to reduce the volume of support requests while also creating a well-organized library to enable enhanced self-serve capabilities. She has also created multiple dashboards for Uplight leaders to measure performance and inform decision-making.

Momo has also played a significant role in building the company’s sustainability program. She formed a team that developed Uplight’s first annual impact report in 2021. Bringing together key stakeholders from across the business, she laid out a vision for the report that included Uplight’s B Corp certification process, the operational impact of our offices and travel, the impacts of our products on decarbonization and customer bill savings, and our commitment to social impact and inclusivity–highlighting where we were succeeding, and where we had areas to improve. 

The results of her work on Uplight’s ESG strategy shone through in a 35% improvement in Uplight’s B Corp score in the most recent certification.

Congratulations to Momo for being one of “100 women ushering in a new era of tech.” We’re lucky to have you on the team. Read more about Momo and the other winners here.


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