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Denver Post Awards Designates Uplight one of the Best Places to Work

By Crystal Leaver on

Uplight Team

What is the best mid-sized company to work for in Colorado? Uplight is proud to have made both the Denver Post and Built in Colorado lists this year. Not only is Uplight mission-driven with an aim to accelerate the clean energy ecosystem, but Uplight is continually trying to make sure that employees thrive. Through quarterly Culture Amp engagement surveys, Uplight identifies opportunities for improvement and then applies the feedback. 

In Uplight’s Culture Amp surveys, employees have said that leadership and managers really care about the people on their teams. Employees have also looked after each other, perhaps even more so after we moved to a distributed work environment because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Keeping everyone included is also a priority at Uplight. Uplight is one year into its Inclusive Excellence Journey, a big focus for the organization as a whole. The two important lessons: we’ve learned so far about Inclusive Excellence, Diversity Recruitment, Equity, and Action (IDEA) are 1) how identity shapes culture in the workplace is highly important, and 2) that Inclusive Maturity is an on-going journey, not a finish line.

Uplight’s Enlighten Identity Training Series was designed to further deepen the Uplight team’s knowledge of identity, social systems, and intersectionality. The three sessions are around Racial Identity & Cultural Appropriation, Gender Identity & Intersectionality, and Social Systems & Change.

Uplight has also developed employee-led Employee Resource Groups (ERG). These cross-functional groups are for military members, moms, parents, LGBTQ+, womxn, and BIPOC employees and serve both as a place for support, but also to develop intersectional programming.

This journey is strengthening our culture, and in time, Uplight will become an employer traditionally marginalized professionals will seek out. 

“Being recognized as a best place to work by two different organizations is incredibly meaningful after the year we have just come out of. After merging and acquiring multiple companies, we not only had to redefine our company culture and values but do it remotely during a pandemic. The acknowledgment from The Denver Post for the numerous initiatives we enacted to make our culture stronger and more responsive to employee needs is especially meaningful,” said Angela Tucci, Chief Operating Officer of Uplight.

Want to know more about Uplight and working here? Check out our careers page.

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