Discover the Future of Clean Energy: Uplight Customer Connect (UCC) & Devcon

By Kate Devitt on

We’re excited to announce two upcoming Uplight-hosted events: the annual Uplight Customer Connect (UCC), and an inaugural event designed for developers and technical professionals in the energy industry, Uplight’s Developer Conference! Taking place in Denver, CO, these concurrent events bring together energy industry thought leaders, experts, and innovators to collaborate, and illuminate the path to a more sustainable energy future. 

Join us on May 21-23 as we dive into dynamic sessions, share insights, and pioneer innovative solutions alongside Uplight’s leadership, industry influencers, and fellow pioneers – all while approaching the summer season in the beautiful Mile High City.


Uplight Customer Connect (UCC) – Catalyzing the Customer-Centric Clean Energy Transition

Uplight Customer Connect is bringing together industry leaders, ecosystem players, and policymakers to explore the intersection of electrification, digitization, and decarbonization. This is more than a conference; it’s an experience. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Connect & Collaborate: Engage with peers in the utility, energy ecosystem, consultancy, and non-profit spaces to foster collaboration and drive innovation. 
  • Inspire Innovation: Gain fresh perspectives and insights to shape the most critical energy transformation of our era.
  • Gain Meaningful Insight: Further explore technologies, products, and research initiatives to keep you ahead in the ever-evolving energy landscape. 
  • Problem-Solve in Real Time: Participate in interactive sessions to discuss the successes, roadblocks, and untapped opportunities within your energy efficiency and load flexibility programs.
  • Personalize Your Experience: Customize your UCC journey by picking the sessions most relevant to you and local experiences in the Mile High City. 
  • Learn About Ecosystem Partners: This year UCC will introduce the Innovation Lounge, an immersive space to learn about Uplight’s ecosystem partners and their transformative impact. 
  • Who’s Invited: Utility customer-oriented Program Managers and Directors, Ecosystem Partners, and Industry Thought Leaders.


Uplight Developer’s Conference: Activating Technology to Catalyze the Clean Energy Transition

Running parallel to Uplight Customer Connect, The Developer’s Conference (DevCon) is a must-attend for technical teams and developers. Here’s why:

  • Innovation Sprint: Engage in hands-on problem-solving sessions, led by product experts. Dive into real-time solutions using datasets on actions, eligibility, enrollments, and communication preferences to drive innovation.
  • Explore Uplight’s Developer Platform: Discover tools and capabilities to drive customer satisfaction, enrollment, and clean energy transition goals.
  • Collaborative Innovation: Join forces with industry colleagues and Uplight’s experts to workshop cutting-edge solutions for your utility’s key challenges.


Join Us in Shaping the Future of Energy.

Register for UCC and Devcon today to secure your spot. Both these events are invite-only and participation is limited! 

Looking forward to powering change together.


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