Huge Success for ComEd Marketplace

By Yoav Lurie on

This post was originally published on Simple Energy’s website. Simple Energy is now Uplight.

Simple Energy is fortunate to be the Marketplace provider for ComEd as part of our agreement with Exelon Utilities. Following Thanksgiving 2016, we launched a Black Friday / Cyber Monday marketing campaign to drive customers of those utilities to their respective marketplaces. The results we saw showed that customers are more than interested in the latest home electronics; they are also receptive to learning about energy-saving products.

The lesson was clear: when given an easy way to shop, apply instant online rebates and purchase directly, utility customers take advantage of offers and complete transactions, resulting in both customer and utility benefits.

In the week after Thanksgiving, thousands of ComEd customers visited their Marketplace. They purchased:

  • Smart thermostats, advanced power strips, lighting, and Connected Home and water-saving products
  • More than 12,000 total products
  • Nearly $1.3 million in sales volume.

For this valued utility partner, the Simple Energy Marketplace has continued to drive transactions in the months since Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Customers find it easy to browse a curated set of products, see what rebate(s) they’re eligible for, instantly apply the rebate online and place their order. Many of the customers come back for additional products, and customer satisfaction scores remain above 90 percent. As a result, ComEd has an enhanced opportunity to become its customers’ trusted home energy provider.

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