Inside Uplight’s Employee Resource Group for Moms

By Rachael Silverstein on

Mom working from home

Our Moms of Uplight Employee Resource Group (ERG) is a space where members support one another, validate the challenges unique to working moms, and brainstorm solutions. The groups’ objectives include influencing and advocating for how Uplight can become a destination employer for moms, attracting and retaining moms and prospective moms, and ensuring working moms are educated about the benefits available and supporting them in using those benefits. 

Here we speak to Moms of Uplight members Crystal Leaver and Mariatta Wijaya about their experiences working at Uplight:

What are your roles and what do you do at Uplight? 

Crystal Leaver: I’m a Senior Corporate Marketing Manager and I write content for everything from blogs to case studies. I also manage the research program at Uplight. 

Mariatta Wijaya: I’m a Staff Software Engineer within the Build and Enable pillar. 

Tell me about your ERG, its members, and the goals of the group. 

Crystal Leaver: Our goal is to support other moms at Uplight. Having a Slack group to ask for advice, share stories, or just post pictures has been a great place to feel more connected and supported at Uplight. 

What makes working at Uplight great for moms at Uplight? 

Crystal Leaver: During the pandemic, our family had weeks without childcare, and it’s not possible to watch a two and four-year old while working at the same time! My team was flexible when I needed to change my work schedule to accommodate taking care of my kids. Uplight will continue to have a remote/hybrid work policy when the offices reopen, so that will help me and other parents save time on commuting and have more flexibility overall. Connecting with other moms and parents has been inspiring. There were very few moms at my previous company, and it’s nice to have others to chat or vent to about our kids. 

Mariatta Wijaya: I appreciate that Uplight is flexible and accommodating to my needs as a parent of two young children. There have been a few times when I needed to take a few hours off at the last minute for children’s doctor appointments. My teammates have always been understanding and supportive. When Uplight started discussing the return to the office, we were given the opportunity to share our voice and concerns, and we were given the choice to continue to work remotely. I feel that we are heard. The recent introduction of Flex Fridays, where every other Friday is an off day, has been great for my own work/life/family balance. Since my first day at Uplight, I’ve connected with other moms and parents at Uplight. It’s great knowing that there are others who understand our challenges and provide support when needed.

What do you think Uplight should aspire to be or do to better support moms at Uplight? 

Crystal Leaver: I think the transition back from parental leave can be also be improved, at every organization. This can be one of the most difficult parts of being a parent, especially for new parents. 

Mariatta Wijaya: I think it would be great to see moms not only thriving but succeeding in their careers at Uplight. I would like to see more moms in leadership and executive roles.

What would you say to other moms who are looking at working at Uplight? 

Crystal Leaver: I would recommend Uplight as a great place to work for moms and would love more moms to connect with! The Uplight leadership team continually looks to make Uplight a better place to work and listens to employees. I’ve been impressed by the level of communication and transparency, which benefits all employees, including moms. 

Mariatta Wijaya: I enjoy working at Uplight. From what I’ve seen, the leadership team and my colleagues are always listening and thinking of ways to improve. I’ve been able to have a more balanced work-life situation and make a meaningful impact at the same time. At Uplight, I’m able to bring my whole self and see others being able to express themselves and be their authentic selves at work.

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