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Inside Uplight’s NEUROdiversity Employee Resource Group

By Rachael Silverstein on

Zoom meeting with group

Uplight’s NEUROdiversity Employee Resource Group (ERG) is a private community for Uplight employees who identify as neurodivergent, including those with anxiety, depression, dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, autism, AS, PTSD, addiction and more). The group offers support to one another by listening, sharing, and/or assisting each other around Neurodiversity 

Here we speak to one of NEUROdiversity’s leaders, Ray Boutotte about his experience working at Uplight:

What is your role and what do you do at Uplight? 

I am a Principal Software Engineer and have been with Uplight for over seven years. I’m part of a team that is migrating our software from our founding companies’ various clouds into Google Cloud. 

Tell me about your NEUROdiversity, its members, and the goals of the group.

Our members are representative of our company and our goals are to support each other’s non-visible identities. We are a private group with members from all different parts of Uplight. We support ADHD, dyslexia, trauma, PTSD, autism, AS, anxiety, depression, and addiction. Our group is unique because it is private and we are made up of non-visible identities. We all have different challenges.

For me, when COVID-19 hit, not having face-to-face time and clear communication with colleagues was a break in routine, and I struggled with video connections at first. Brian Curr of the People Team presented NEUROdiversity as a type of ERG that could be formed and I jumped on the chance to help, as did others. We are primarily focused on how to help and support one another; we meet every two weeks. 

What makes working at Uplight great for those who identify as neurodivergent?

A lot of companies say they put their people first, but Uplight actually does. We believe in really putting people first. Especially with how much more stressful things are during COVID. Uplight does a lot to support its staff, including ERGs, Executive Connects, offering general support and sharing information. We have a strong group of conscious leaders and are creating more which is powerful and impactful. They foster safe spaces. Uplight is also very flexible with working from home and giving every other Friday off.

Managers genuinely care and are empathetic-they support individual needs and working styles, so everyone is set up for success. 

What would you say to others who are looking at working at Uplight?

This is a great place to work if you’re looking for a place where you can be yourself and focus on your zones of genius. Our leaders are ensuring we are working sustainably for the future of humanity.


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