Sparking Conversation: Catch Uplight at Leading Energy Events Worldwide in Q2 2024

By Kate Devitt on

We’re excited to announce our attendance, speaking engagements, and sponsorships at upcoming industry events during Q2 2024! Following the acquisition of Autogrid, Uplight’s size, capabilities, and reach have grown—to keep pace with this growth, we’re attending more events than ever, expanding our engagement and collaboration with industry professionals to accelerate the clean energy transformation at an even larger scale.

We hope to see you at any of the nine events we’ll be participating in this spring, and encourage you to check out our upcoming annual events, Uplight Customer Connect and our new Developer’s Conference!

EEI Fall Key Accounts Workshop – April 7-10, Seattle, WA

Uplight will be attending the EEI Fall Key Accounts Workshop, joining industry peers and utilities to engage in strategic discussions, share best practices, and discover innovative solutions to navigate the evolving energy landscape.

Smart Energy Halifax – April 15-16, Nova Scotia, Canada

We’re looking forward to attending the Smart Energy Halifax, an event that brings together industry leaders, policymakers, innovators, and stakeholders to discuss a variety of topics, including the impact of innovative technologies and timely strategies for decarbonizing communities.

Energy Thought Summit – April 15-18, Austin, TX

Uplight will be sponsoring and speaking at the Energy Thought Summit conference! From renewable energy integration and grid modernization to energy storage solutions and policy implications, ETS covers a wide array of topics crucial for navigating the transition to a more sustainable, equitable, and resilient energy landscape.

Join Uplight’s session,”The Role of Predictive Analytics in Long-Term Planning Processes”, where we will explore incorporating outside-the-box applications of analytics and predictive solutions into the processes that determine future planning for utilities.

MicroGrid Knowledge – April 22-24, Baltimore, MD

We’re excited to attend the MicroGrid Knowledge 2024 conference, an event dedicated to exploring the latest advancements and opportunities in microgrid technology.

SEPA Energy Evolution Summit – April 29-May 1, Coronado, CA

We’re excited to announce our participation in the SEPA Energy Evolution Summit, an event dedicated to driving the evolution of the energy industry towards a more sustainable future.

Uplight will be sponsoring the summit— more details coming soon!

PLMA Conference – May 6-8, Portland, OR

Uplight is a gold sponsor of this year’s PLMA conference! Join us to explore the latest strategies, trends, and best practices in demand-side management.

We’re excited to announce our speaking session, “Yes, Smart Thermostats Can Do More Than DR!” Uplight’s Chris Lefaivre, Vice President of Utility Sales, will be joining Josh Bode from Demand Side Analytics and Wendy Brummer from Pacific Gas and Electric to share their recorded data and analysis on the benefits of smart thermostats. Learn about the three-year results from customers who elected TOU automation via their smart thermostats, and see the noticeable differences across thermostat manufacturers.

Power + Utilities Australia (formerly Enlit Australia) – May 7-8, Melbourne, AU

Uplight will be attending Power + Utilities Australia (formerly Enlit Australia), connecting with industry professionals on a global scale. The event is focused on the entire energy value chain, offering valuable insights and strategies to navigate the dynamic energy landscape.

ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit – May 22-24, Dallas, TX

We’re participating in the ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit, an event that showcases groundbreaking technologies, discusses transformative ideas, and fosters collaborations to tackle some of the world’s most pressing energy challenges.

EEI Annual Conference – June 18-20, Las Vegas, NV

We’re looking forward to attending, sponsoring, and speaking at this year’s EEI conference! This conference brings together top executives, policymakers, and thought leaders to discuss the latest innovations, challenges, and opportunities shaping the industry. More details to come!

We hope to see you at these upcoming events, and look forward to engaging, collaborating, and innovating with experts to unlock the full potential of clean energy. Want to connect with us at a conference? Email us at!


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