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Philip London

In October’s edition of the Uplight squad spotlight I speak with Philip London, Senior Product Manager. Read on to find out what he does at Uplight and why he works here!

What do you do for Uplight? 

I am a Senior Product Manager working on our Activate product line. I spend my time figuring out how best to create compelling experiences promoting energy savings that resonate with customers. My team and I work on a variety of products including an online marketplace focused on energy efficiency, a mobile experience for contractors to instantly pass on rebated savings to customers, and an educational platform focused on driving electric vehicle adoption.

What do you find most exciting or rewarding about working for Uplight?

At Uplight, more so than anywhere else I’ve worked, we truly have the ability to make a difference on a large scale. Our product portfolio has had an impact on carbon emission reduction and energy savings that few companies can claim. 

How does the work you do contribute towards towards creating a more sustainable future and better customer energy experiences? 

Our proven track record in the industry has afforded us the opportunity to create forward thinking solutions and push the boundaries of what’s possible in the energy space. Our bundled offering on the Marketplace has achieved Demand Response enrollment rates that are 20x higher than the industry average, leading to massive reductions in peak energy usage. During our holiday sales, we’re the number one seller of smart thermostats in the country, enabling us to create affordable opportunities for our customers and deploy energy savings solutions at scale.

How did you get into this work? 

I’ve been a product manager for seven years, and I’ve had the opportunity to work on a variety of products across different industries. When I heard about the Simple Energy (now Uplight) mission and values, I was instantly drawn to the company. Working here has given me the ability to create experiences that not only delight users but also contribute to a more sustainable planet.

What has been your favorite project so far at Uplight? 

During my first year at Uplight, I led the creation of our EV (Electric Vehicle) Solution. With the global threat of climate change looming, it’s critical for people across the world to adopt EV’s powered by clean energy. We performed months of research and user interviews on how best to both educate and excite users on the benefit of EV ownership. The early results of our solution have been encouraging; we’ve already recommended over 8,000 electric vehicles to customers across six different states, and we have major expansion plans upcoming in Q4 and into 2020.

What is one thing that has most surprised you about working here? 

We have an exceedingly hard working and talented team here, which has led to us delivering products and experiences at an accelerated pace that has far surpassed my expectations. Because of this, Uplight is an exciting place to work with enormous potential for innovation and thought leadership in the energy space.

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