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Takeaways from the J.D. Power 2022 Sustainability Index

By Crystal Leaver on

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J.D. Power’s Sustainability Index “evaluates electric utility customer awareness, support, engagement and advocacy for their local utility’s climate sustainability programs and goals,” surveying 71, 959 business and residential utility customers in 2022. 

The survey found that while 81% of electric utility customers have a utility with a carbon-reduction target, most of their customers aren’t aware of the work they are doing around sustainability. Only 41% of residential customers and 56% of business customers are aware of their utility’s sustainability initiatives. 

Almost half of utility customers said that climate change was a “serious” or “very serious issue,” for them,  yet 6% of residential customers and 28% of business customers reported using environmental products and services.

And the majority of utilities with carbon-reduction targets don’t have a clear plan to get there. Just 35% of utilities received a score of B- or better for their disclosed plans to reduce carbon emissions.

While getting to decarbonization can be complex, most customers understand the importance to the planet and their community. Utilities can make significant strides in educating customers about their work to improve sustainability and impact as well as helping customers find the most relevant ways to contribute to decarbonization themselves. 

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