Voice of the Energy Customer Research: Unlock 7 Key Findings to Better Engage Your Customers.

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The Results are In: Uplight’s Annual Voice of the Energy Customer Survey

By Crystal Leaver on

Man changing a light bulb

This spring in Uplight’s Annual Voice of the Energy Customer survey we asked over 1,000 residential customers about their energy saving interests and purchase/participation intentions such as energy saving tips, smart home, renewable energy, TOU rates, demand response, and other utility energy saving programs–comparing this to the previous two years. With electric adoption on the rise, we also surveyed EV) owners specifically to find insights into their energy attitudes and preferences compared to non-EV owners.

The research revealed that while customer satisfaction remains high and green technology awareness and ownership is growing, customer engagement with their utility is not. In fact, customers are using utility websites for information less often, indicating that customers are missing the connection between green energy technologies and their utility.

Even EV owners are missing out on important EV utility resources. 61% do not use utility EV education, preferring to use other online and word of mouth resources to select their car, research charging options, and optimize their energy use.  This lack of utility engagement results in decreased grid flexibility and optimization through demand response, rates, and energy efficiency programs. 

Additionally, many customers are getting stuck in their energy saving journey after purchasing LED light bulbs, with no intention of making other energy saving investments. However, those who purchase high-barrier products such as an EV, solar panels, and home batteries are more likely to adopt other high-barrier products. EV owners in particular are more likely to perceive green technologies as reliable, good value for money, and high in quality compared to non-EV owners.

For our full research results, download our eBook.

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