Two Ways Uplight is Making Our Products More Accessible

By Abby Campbell on

Residential Online Assessment available in Spanish

Uplight has officially launched Home Energy Manager, a Residential Online Assessment (ROA), in Spanish for one of our utility clients! This exciting project is one of many ways Uplight is making an effort to make our products and solutions more accessible for all. 

This launch helps to provide Spanish speaking customers with a more connected, cohesive, end-to-end customer experience. Not to mention, this launch helps the utility to capitalize on how great a lead generator ROA, or Home Energy Manager, can be by directing these customers to other resources and services.

Setting the WCAG standards for Marketplace

In addition to making more of our products and solutions accessible to customers who speak a different language, Uplight is working hard to make more products and solutions even more accessible to customers with disabilities. Uplight’s Marketplace product is currently working with a third-party company to check against all WCAG (The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) standards.

Uplight doesn’t plan to stop here and will continually undergo audits to make sure our products are always up to these standards. These standards require certain color changes, semantics, or code changes to enable screen readers, making Marketplace more accessible to customers with visual impairments. Uplight looks forward to wrapping up recommendations soon to continue to deliver a more accessible Marketplace for our clients and their utility customers.

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