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Uplight Downlight! Earth Day Celebration 2020

By Crystal Leaver on

Downlight Bike Ride

Since Uplight’s mission is to create a more sustainable future, Earth Day is near and dear to our hearts. Each day is an Earth Day of sorts as we work toward our goals of abating 100M Tons of CO2 and saving customers $10B on their energy bills–all while thriving as a fast-growing, profitable business.

Normally on April 22, Uplighters would be out in the community volunteering or attending an Earth Day celebration. But this was no normal Earth Day. Not only was it the 50th anniversary of the holiday, but it occurred right in the middle of a global pandemic. This year Uplight employees powered down and went offline for one hour to celebrate Earth Day.

Here’s what some Uplighters got up to during their hour:


Rode bikes and painted Earth pictures with kids

Downlight Earth Painting


Planted Colorado’s state flower, the Rocky Mountain Columbine

Colorado State Flour


Picked up trash along roads and trails

Picking up Trash on Trail


Enjoyed a picnic outside with family

Downlight Picnic


Climbed a tree (look at that view!)

Climbing a Tree in Colorado


Made a list of things to do to live more sustainably

Contemplating Environmental Impact


One Uplighter even water plants, increased a table’s height, and started to build a truck with his son! 

Uplight Downlight Activities


We hope this inspires you to take some time to unplug and celebrate our planet in some way, no matter how big or small!

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